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I've Had A Great Week In The Rain!!

Here is a great blog that examines how many ways we can use active rain and our fellow members at active rain to make money, share advice and have fun at it. Mike

This has been a great week, and I am truly singing in the Rain!  It started out with a note from another Rainer with listing opportunities.  Shortly after that, I received a call and email from Bankrate.com asking if I'd be willing to be interviewed for their online newsletter.  They found me through my Active Rain blog.  The interview will be released in a couple weeks.

As the week progressed, I received an email from a potential client who has a property to sell in a neighboring community and needs to buy one in my community.  Our contact came about by a blog which led to my website.  My hope is to pass the sale of her property on to another Rainer for a referral fee.  It's nice to share the love!

Today, another Rainer called to let me know he took the advice from one of my blogs and it increased his calls by 5-7 per day.  His income shot up along with the calls.  He promised to blog about his experience at a later date.   My blog had a series of things Realtors could do to generate income beyond commissions.  That blog, "Commissions are not the only source of income for Realtors" sparked a lot of great ideas from the commenting Rainers.  This particular Rainer decided he would take the seven ideas one at a time and try them out.  The first one he tried hit pay dirt for him.  He promised to keep me up to date on his experience as he goes through the other six.  I'm looking forward to those calls. 

Yesterday, I spent my morning visiting with a local mortgage broker who is interested in blogging.  He came to my office to chat and have a cup of coffee.  During our time, I was able to show him how Active Rain is changing my business.  Just one idea from another Rainer caused me to control the first 8 pages of a Google search on my name.

I used pointers from other Rainers to get my LinkedIn search status to number 1.  Another call came in today from a woman seeking a broker in the Winchester, VA area.  Every time she did a web search, I came up first.  Why?  Because of tricks I learned from other Rainers.  So, friends, I say let rain drops continue to fall!


Give me a call, and let's make something amazing happen. 

Mike Cooper @ Cornerstone Business Group, Inc., 888-722-6029


(Disclaimer:  All grammatical mistakes, punctuation breakdowns and misspellings are purely for your amusement and entertainment.  Feel free to cackle.)

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I've Had A Great Week In The Rain!!
Here is a great blog that examines how many ways we can use ActiveRain and our fellow members at ActiveRain to make money, share advice and have fun at it. Mike This has been a great week, and I am truly singing in the Rain! It… more
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